Helping you take control of your future

Maji helps people achieve financial freedom by making the most of their pensions

What we do

Access made quick

We provide you with one app to access everything you need to take care of your pensions - access to all of your pension accounts, answers to your most common questions and retirement forecasts tailored to your circumstances

Understanding made simple

We tell you in straightforward terms how much you need to be saving to achieve financial freedom, where your money is invested and the impact small steps can make to your retirement journey

Management made easy

We help you keep on top of all of your past, current and future pension accounts by bringing together all your admin needs in one dashboard and messaging service

Saving made affordable

We use the latest science and savings technology to help you save more money, plan your future and feel in control

Who we are

We are a team of business, finance and education experts on a mission to help people achieve financial security and dignity in retirement. Find out more here.

Everything we do is based on the following values:

Be honest and trustworthy

We never sell own products, don’t run commission based charges and have simple and transparent fees for all our customers

Create, share and deploy knowledge

We are at the forefront of using A.I. and behavioural research to help people achieve their financial goals

Make a positive impact

We ensure our work makes a difference to the customers and communities we serve

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