We need to save more

Almost half of all adults in the UK have less than £500 to cope with life’s everyday financial ups and downs, and more than 15 million of us are not saving adequately for  retirement,

This savings challenge is impacting our quality of life and costing employers and the government billions.

Thankfully, there’s a lot of research about how to help solve this challenge. The evidence shows that people want things such as:

    • Better financial education about how pensions work
    • A pensions dashboard to be able to see all their savings in one place so they can make better sense of their complete financial picture
    • Retirement income targets that make it clear how much they need to save
    • Savings tools to help them automatically save little and often


That’s why we’re creating Maji, with a mission to close this savings gap through a purpose led business.


“I feel 25 per cent as good… It’s diminished very substantially. A good (retirement) income gives you confidence, it gives you courage, it inspires you and it gives you impetus to go out and do things that you wouldn’t do if you didn’t have that money……… It’s not just financially impoverished, you’re socially impoverished, you’re culturally impoverished……..What you’re trying to do is survive.”

Respondee to DWP research


Our mission

Our mission is to help people to achieve financial resilience and to save for a happy and financially secure future. 

This means helping people to develop three areas of financial well-being:


Financial capability

"The attitude, knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy needed to make and exercise money management decisions, and access to appropriate financial services” (Financial Capability Strategy UK)

Financial resilience

Having at least £500 in the bank to cover life’s emergency expenses, and at least 3 months of savings to cover unpredictable losses of income

Financial freedom

Being on track to have an achievable desired lifestyle in retirement. For most people this means saving at least 12-15% of income into a pension

Measuring what matters

We measure progress against our mission in order to ensure our business makes a difference to our customers and the world around us. We also pay close attention to our wider impact, ensuring we support our staff to fulfill their potential, and limit any negative impact on the environment.



We measure and evaluate how well we are meeting our mission


We are a living wage employer and strive to create an encouraging and rewarding team environment


We source local and ethical wherever possible, and take active steps to reduce our impact

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